Lenni has been making energy efficiency improvements in the homes and businesses of everyday Victorians since 2015.

It is our mission to install LED lighting and other energy efficiency products into every business in Victoria, under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. We do this by approaching businesses when subsidy levels are high, allowing us to offer quality products that are completely free to our customers. The Government incentive enables energy efficiency improvements to be more affordable for business and in turn contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our LED lighting range is procured from leading Australian LED lighting companies, including Shine On, Emerald Planet and Primsal. All lights are accredited to receive subsidies under the VEU and are some of the most efficient available. They also have added innovative technologies such as built in sensors and adaptable colour options. See our current product range here.

Through Lenni and our subsidiary business Shine On, we target all types and size of business. Shine On largely focuses on the large and more complex installations that require many product skus, while Lenni focuses on the smaller high street retail and small industrial businesses that are generally completely subsidised. Both businesses processes and procedures are ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accredited.


Why Lenni?

  • Lenni has been operating for six years’, while our subsidiary Shine On is an industry pioneer with over 12 years’ experience delivering energy efficiency solutions
  • Our product range is industry-leading and delivers the best functional and financial outcome for business.
  • All installations are conducted by qualified, A-Grade electricians.

What is the Victorian Energy Upgrades program?

The VEU program is a Victorian Government initiative with the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging the efficient use of electricity and gas by energy consumers.
It allows companies like us to offer free energy efficiency solutions for commercial premises and residential homes including LED downlights, weather proofing, shower roses and power boards. Our Essential Services Commission number is A0094.