Experts in energy efficiency

Lenni is an LED company who are experts in energy efficiency and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and a stand-out level of service.

We will make it easy for you

Want to upgrade to LED but it all sounds too hard? Not to worry, we will manage everything for you. From assessing your facility and providing expert lighting solutions, to installation and subsidy submissions, we are here at every stage of the process.

Quality LEDs at very competitive prices

We procure the best lights avaiable are at the forefront of LED technology with all products designed and developed in conjunction with key manufacturers to ensure they achieve the highest levels of output and quality and are compliant with all regulatory requirements for Australia and New Zealand.

Save money through an LED upgrade

Is your power tariff on the rise? Have you seen a massive increase in your energy bill and is it eating into your bottom line? We have the solution to bring down those costs.


Upgrade your old technology inefficient lighting to our quality LED lights. We develop the latest in LED technology for commercial business that will use only a fraction of your current power usage and will make a huge difference to the positive on your power bill.

Subsidies available now in Victoria

Under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET), Lenni customers receive upfront discounts on the price of their LED upgrade, with most installations being absolutely free. Not only will you get a quality lighting upgrade and benefit immediately from the energy savings, you will also help Australia reduce its carbon emissions.

How long will it last?

With the subsidy currently at a record high price there is no time like the present to upgrade and start realising the savings. Ten years of experience has shown us that a subsidy this high will not last.

LEDs that save

Our range of LED products includes some of the longest lifetimes available on the market while delivering outstanding lighting performance. The key to the success of our range is that the designs are based on a deep understanding of the needs of the Australian marketplace. Our energy efficient LED lights are all vigorously tested and the published product lifetime and performance specifications can be relied upon.

Arrange a free lighting audit

Enter your details on the form below and we will be in touch in super quick time to arrange a free and no-obligation lighting audit of your business. You will then receive a proposal outlining the cost of the retrofit, the savings you will make, payback periods and ROI. What are you waiting for? Your upgrade might even be free!